Ray Dalton, Alvaro Soler Dream of Manila in New Bilingual Video: WATCH

Ray Dalton, Alvaro Soler Dream of Manila in New Bilingual Video
YouTube/Ray Dalton

MANILA, Philippines — After weeks of teasing it, American singer Ray Dalton and Spanish-German singer Alvaro Soler have finally released the bilingual song and music video for “Manila” Friday, Oct. 15.

“We’ve all dreamt of waking up somewhere other than where we went to sleep, whether the islands of Manila or the beaches of Belize. No matter the time, day, or season, why not take a chance on yourself and enjoy the moment just a little bit,” says Dalton in the video’s caption.

The song’s music video features Soler and Dalton driving down a country road when their car breaks down. Stuck in what looks to be an island, they see a yacht, which bears a flag with the word “Manila” in it, in the distance. “Manila” can also be seen at the side of the said yacht.

“Wake up in Manila // Ride to Belize // Dive into the ocean and // Feel a little free,” Dalton sings in English. “Y si mezclamos mi cerveza y tu tequila // Hoy no hay controles de Berlín hasta Manila // Ay tu sonrisa me parece poesía // Como te digo, como te digo yo,” Soler, on the other hand, sings in Spanish.

“I am a Filipino and for you to mention Manila in your song is giving me much happiness and pride for my country. I hope you can have your concert here in Manila post-pandemic,” one YouTube user wrote in the comments section.

Dalton rose to fame for his 2011 collaboration with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, an American hip-hop duo, for the song “Can’t Hold Us.” Soler catapulted into spotlight with his song “El Mismo Sol” back in 2015. He recently dropped his album “Magia.”

This is the first time the two collaborated in a bilingual song.

Watch the video below:

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