What is the business model of La Jornada Filipina?

La Jornada Filipina is a for-profit media organization.

What style guide do you use?

We have our own house style, which is based on the Associated Press Stylebook.

Do you publish press releases?

Yes, but we only publish content that is relevant to our audience — anything related to Spanish or is useful to the Hispanic community.

Do you publish hard news?

Only if it’s crucial or relevant to our audience. Otherwise, we stick to soft news.

What does La Jornada Filipina cover?

Since we are a special interest media outlet, we cover anything — business, politics, arts, culture, entertainment, technology, etc. — related to Spanish.

Since you are a magazine focusing solely on Spanish, do you have pro-Spanish and anti-American sentiment?

We don’t. We put journalism first, Filipino second and Spanish third.

Why did you adopt Mexican Spanish instead of Castilian Spanish?

Much of our audience come from the United States, and they don’t speak peninsular Spanish there. Hence, we settled with Mexican Spanish instead. Likewise, our Spanish Editor is also a Mexican.

Why are some articles not translated from English into Spanish and vice versa?

La Jornada Filipina in English and La Jornada Filipina en español are two different publications. While both cater to the Hispanic community, they both have different demographics. The former is for Filipinos who don’t speak the language yet but are interested to learn it while latter is for Spanish speakers from the Philippines and abroad.

Who funds La Jornada Filipina?

Reader donations, online advertisements and sponsored articles are our main revenue streams.

Does La Jornada Filipina have any government associations?

None whatsoever.

La Jornada Filipina is not a public relations firm. It is not affiliated with any local or international governments.