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Watch Argentine Films for Free at the Argentine Film Festival 2023

Watch Argentine Films for Free at the Argentine Film Festival 2023 |
Argentine Embassy in the Philippines

This article is available in Spanish.

MANILA, Philippines — Four Argentine films will be screened for free on Sept. 28–30 at the seventh Argentine Film Festival, the annual film festival hosted by the Argentine Embassy in the Philippines. This year, the Argentine embassy is staging the event at the Red Carpet, Cinema 3 at Shangri-La Plaza.

The festival’s film selection focuses on the 40th anniversary of Argentina’s return to democracy, with titles like “Made in Argentina,” “A Place in the World” (“Un Lugar en el Mundo”), “The Exile of Gardel” (“El Exilio de Gardel”) and “South” (“Sur”).

Also known as Semana de Cine Argentino, the festival kicks off with “Made in Argentina.” Argentine couple Osvaldo and Mabel return home after ten years of political exile in the US. Mabel suggests her brother work in New York to help their family’s finances.

“A Place in the World” follows Mario and Ana, who leave Buenos Aires to live in a remote Argentine valley with their son Ernesto. Ana runs a clinic, Mario owns a school and a wool cooperative, and Hans, a Spanish geological engineer, surveys the land for hydroelectric power.

“The Exile of Gardel” takes place in 1980, when Maria and her Argentine actress mother live in exile in Paris. Maria shares her uprooting and the tragic desolation of adults with friends. Her parents, first-generation exiles, attempt to stage a “tanguedia” combining tango, tragedy, and comedy, titled “El exilio de Gardel.”

“South” follows Floreal after he is released from prison and returns to his family after the military regime ends. Both his wife and the country, however, have changed.

The films are in Spanish but with English subtitles. Entrance is free of charge, albeit on a first-come, first-served basis.

The full lineup and schedule for the festival are as follows:

Argentine Film Festival schedule
Argentine Embassy in the Philippines

The Argentine Film Festival 2023 is being held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Argentina.

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