Ambeth Ocampo’s Books Are Now Available as E-books

MANILA, Philippines — The first three volumes of the “Looking Back” series by renowned historian Ambeth Ocampo received digital release for the first time.

Looking Back,” originally published in 1990 and rereleased in 2009; “Looking Back 2: Dirty Dancing,” released in 2012; and “Looking Back 3: Death by Garote,” published in 2012, were consecutively released as e-books in July and August. The e-books, which compile Ocampo’s writings in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, are now available on major e-book retailers such as Amazon and Kobo.

In the U.S. book publishing industry, majority of trade publishers release all formats of a book, including e-books, on the same day.

Anvil Publishing, Ocampo’s publisher, has plans to digitize the rest of the books in the said series.

Ocampo, who was awarded the Premio Manuel Bernabe by the then Centro Cultural de la Embajada de España en Filipinas and a Premio de Periodismo Quijano de Manila from the Instituto Cervantes de Manila, “revealed himself as far removed from the usual anti-Spain mold of historians by producing very impartial write-ups about our country’s Hispanic past” per the young historian José Mario Alas.

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Arvyn Cerézo
Arvyn Cerézo is the editor of La Jornada Filipina, the first and largest Spanish-language news magazine in the Philippines. His work has appeared in South China Morning Post, Publishers Weekly, AudioFile Magazine, PhilSTAR Life and Book Riot. You can find him on

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