Who Are We?

La Jornada Filipina is a Hispanic news magazine covering the Philippines and the Spanish-speaking world. It models itself on TIME Magazine, NBC Latino and Remezcla.

Our Mission

The Philippines, being a former colony of Spain, was a Spanish-speaking country in the early 20th century. The influence of Spanish, however, waned due to the American and the Japanese invasions. Then in 1987, former President Corazon Aquino removed it as one of the country’s official languages — finally putting the nail in its coffin.

In the 21st century, there’s a resurgence of interest in learning the language. But still, Hispanophobia persists. As these trends increase, La Jornada Filipina aims to elevate the voices of the Fil-Hispanic community in the Philippines.

Our mission is to deliver news and commentary in both English and Spanish, bring together the Fil-Hispanic community and to promote the use of Spanish in the Philippines.

Our Vision

La Jornada Filipina’s vision is to become the leading Philippine-based digital publication that would help amplify Fil-Hispanic voices in all conversations. Through localized coverage, we also aim to help Filipinos make sense of the Spanish colonial past — how it continues to shape and impact their lives.

Funding and Ownership

To know how La Jornada Filipina operates, please read the FAQs page.