Who Are We?

La Jornada Filipina is a Hispanic news magazine covering the Philippines. It models itself on The Atlantic, TIME Magazine, NBC Latino and Remezcla.

Our Mission

The legacies of colonialism are still felt in many aspects of Filipino culture today. The Philippines, a product of colonialism, is still coming to terms with the violent past.

La Jornada Filipina aims to explore how the Spanish colonial past continues to impact the present and to make heritage more representative of the actual history, moving away from Eurocentric perspectives. The magazine’s goal is to elevate the voices of those who have been marginalized and whose stories have never been told through fair and balanced news and commentary.

Our Vision

La Jornada Filipina’s vision is to become the leading Philippine-based digital publication that would deconstruct the Spanish colonial past — how it continues to shape and impact lives of many Filipinos.

Funding and Ownership

To know how La Jornada Filipina operates, please read the FAQs page.